Looking for Advice? Just Ask!

You got engaged, you’ve talked to your friends, you’ve read about vendors, venues, and you’ve gotten some great ideas for your event! Now, how do you sort it all out?

Before you book your venue and your vendors, talk to the pros!  Maybe its a coordinator, or perhaps its a DJ or photographer you trust.  Either way, the people that you’ll learn the most from, and from whom you’ll get the best advice are people that have the most experience working at venues and with other vendors.

I will not try to mislead you into thinking that some vendors and venues do not have their “favorites”, after all, that is why venues and Coordinators create ‘Preferred Vendor Lists’.  That being said, however, don’t ever be afraid to ask specific questions about the vendor or venue you are thinking about hiring!  99% of vendors will be completely honest with you when asked specific questions about a venue or vendor!

Be sure to take your time and don’t let yourself be rushed into making a decision about the most important day of your life!

***Geoff Maddox has been a professional wedding and event emcee and DJ for over 15 years.  He has appeared on TV and has been interviewed by various news outlets about his books and how he helps couples avoid vendor scams and advises them on ways to have their dream wedding without breaking the bank.   For questions or booking information, please visit http://GMEdj.com!

About GME DJ and Event Entertainment

I have been a DJ for about 10 years. Though my main business is weddings, I've DJed everything from corporate parties, to clubs, to sweet 16s, bar and bat mitzvahs, and more! I began singing when I was really young which jump-started my love of music! Not only does this give me a unique perspective, but it also allows me to more accurately assist clients with their music selection! My main philosophy is that a wedding or other event should be a reflection of the bride and groom or the person whom the event is for, and because of that, at the end of the night, they should feel like it was "The best party they've ever attended!", and I go out of my way to ensure that experience!
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